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Feed the Need

Bethesda Apostolic Church provides food for our Feed the Need program. Our ever-growing program has helped individuals and families gain access to supplemental food items and expand their range of outlets of support to meet their needs. This is one area of increased need that has become abundantly clear due to the current inflation costs that have significantly impacted many of our grocery bills. Food is one of the items worst hit by the highest inflation in four decades, which fall hardest on lower-income households. We are here to help with this demand, having established this program to meet the emergency needs in our community.

Image by Nic Rosenau

Annual Back 2 School Picnic

Bethesda Apostolic Church established its annual back to school community picnic, in efforts to provide supportive services and resources to our youth. Our Annual Back 2 School event hones in on three key areas:


1.       To engage youth and families in recreational and enrichment activities, designed to prepare youth for their return to school, while providing culturally appropriate governmental and non-governmental resources that help families with various needs.

2.       Providing our community with classroom etiquette, educating and sharing various tools with parents on becoming and staying engaged in all aspects of their child’s socio-emotional and academic success.

3.       Ultimately helping families make ends meet as they financially prepare for their child’s return to school.

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